What is the problem with Australian schools?

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Despite being one of the world’s commanding powers, Australia is really missing out in some parts and the report has it that there is a big decline in the Australian government to gap the issue. What really brings about his decline in the Australian schools is the education disadvantage that has really affected the majority of the indigenous Australian students who actually reside outside the metropolitan areas.

Key issues have really made schools I Australia be greatly disadvantaged and they include the highlighted issues below;

Teaching has proven to be attractive!

From the research, it’s true that the highest performing nations in terms of academics have the teaching profession as the best paying and more so very attractive profession! For Australia, the case is really very very different. A teaching career is very unattractive and therefore the kind of people venturing into the teaching course is actually not that well qualified! This means that students have a disadvantage since their trainers are actually less qualified!

Unlike other nations, where teaching is equally the same as the courses of actuarial sciences, medicines or even the law! It’s a challenge that is really putting the Australian schools at the back!

Australian students are failing in maths and sciences

When schools are none performing in these two key subjects, it really poses a great danger to the future of the nation! It may really force the nation to outsource the experts who are actually performing well in the specified subjects. Research that was carried out in the recent past shows that the best students in the Australian schools are actually found at the top 50 per cent of Singapore and the Taiwan schools!

This possesses a big equation on the science performance in Australia! Australia may really not have the best supply of skilled personnel since what they consider the best are actually the least in other nations!

Social pressure

Research that was carried out by the Year13 found out that majority of the Australian students are actually yielding into the pressure from the society. They actually want to fulfil the expectations of the society by scoring higher in the ATAR exams.

This has made them choose the easy subjects that will actually enable them to get the best results! This has made the majority of the Australian students to choose the subjects that will really make them pass easily rather than picking the thought subjects that will expose them to real-world problems! It’s an issue that has really affected the Australian schools!

Unequal opportunities

Australian schools are actually leading in terms of the unequal resource distribution according to the PISA 2015 report. The unequal educational opportunities have negatively hindered the school performances and therefore interfering with the school outlook in Australia.

There is really a wide gap that exists between rural and urban schools when factors of teachers are considered. The socioeconomic status has also proven to be the key contributor to unequal opportunities. Australia does have fewer resources such as the books, libraries and also the laboratories which are really hindering Australia’s education outlook!

Students not equipped with real-life situations

Australia does emphasize a lot on the passing of the exams such as the MAPLAN or the ATAR hence failing to acknowledge the need for the relevant skills to suit a required workforce plan. Students need to focus on the numerical analysis rather than the theoretic that really has less influence in the society rather than schools basing their performance on the NAPLAN or the ATAR results status. They should rather consider the workforce and focus less on the ATAR results!

To conclude with, Australian schools have issues with their schooling and therefore it’s important to focus on the lasting solutions. Essay writing company has the best essays that will actually guide you well through choosing the best school in Australia that do really offers a real-life education that’s actually marketable and to the standards.