Productive ways to support schools

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A district school program is only as effective as the individual schools that constitute its choice options. So in addition to setting up program-wide operational systems, a district must find productive ways to support schools as they transition from traditional institutions to schools of choice.

Support is especially important for schools that are implementing a specialized curriculum, managing complicated transportation route information with students and parents, or communicating a variety of options to parents, as may be needed in secondary schools that offer multiple themes.

Develop Programs

Districts must support schools in their efforts to transform into schools of choice. Central office leaders help teachers implement specialized curriculum, streamline transportation systems, and provide necessary professional development.

Involve Parents

Schools of choice benefit from parents’ interest in the school, a result of researching and choosing the school, and reaching out to involve them to enhance the program. Some schools even create contracts to increase parent and community member involvement throughout the school year.

Assign and Train School Staff

New programs within schools often require recruitment or realignment of staff to meet new needs. Districts can help individual schools assess staffing needs, recruit qualified new staff, and reposition existing staff to fill the needs created by new programs.